How can your time make a difference? Become a SSAFA volunteer

Become a SSAFA volunteer
Become a SSAFA volunteer

SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity is calling on the public to invest their time more wisely, as 41% of Brits wish they spent more time doing meaningful activities. By signing up to become a SSAFA volunteer, you can help support people from the Forces family: from the youngest recruit to the oldest veteran – no one’s service is ever forgotten.

With a network of over 91 SSAFA branches all needing volunteers across the country, it’s easier than you might think to make a difference.

You’ll be on-the-ground providing practical, financial and emotional support for veterans and their families in your local community, and is a brilliant way to meet new people and use your skills, knowledge and life experiences.

> Do something extraordinary and join us. Start your volunteering journey to make a difference by visiting


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